System KAN-therm Press

System Description:

System KAN-therm Press is a modern and complete installation system consisting of multi-layer polyethylene pipes and PPSU or brass fittings of a diameter Ø16-63 mm.

Purpose of the system:

The system is designed for internal water supply system (hot and cold tap water) and heating (cooling) installations, process heat systems and industrial systems (e.g. compressed air). The Press connecting technology consists in pressing/clamping a steel ring around a pipe fitted into the connector stub pipe. The stub pipe is provided with an O-ring to ensure that a system is leak-tight and failure-free.

System Advantages:

  • every high working parameters (max working temperature 90°C, permissible emergency/failure temp. 100°C),
  • very small (compared to uniform pipes) thermal expansion of pipes,
  • complete lack of the oxygen diffusion into the water in a system,
  • over 50-years operation durability,
  • universal application of multi-layer pipes (only one kind of pipes for water supply and central heating systems),
  • resistance to hydraulic hammer,
  • very smooth outside surface,
  • resistance to accumulation of limestone,
  • domestic water supply system is physiologically and microbiologically neutral,
  • environment-friendly materials,
  • pipes are easy to lay – multi-layer pipes, once given a shape, retain it,
  • fast and simple assembly (in case of LBP fittings no chamfering of the pipe end and omission of the calibration),
  • low weight of a system,
  • joints can be made in / passed thru construction partitions,
  • in case of using LBP fittings - function of signalisation of incomplete connections.


System KAN-therm Press multi-layer pipes are available in two versions of an identical design, differing in their basic internal pipe – pipes: PE-RT/Al/PE-RT (diameters: Ø16–40 mm) and PE-X/Al/PE-X (Ø50–63 mm).

Pipes with aluminium inserts consist of the following layers:

  • internal pipe (base pipe) of the PE of an increased thermal resistance PE-RT
  • middle layer of an aluminium strip, ultrasound butt-welded and an external layer (coating) of a high-density polyethylene (PE-RT or PE-X)

Between the aluminium and the plastic layers there is an adhesive binding layer, which permanently binds metal with plastic.
System KAN-therm Press multi-layer pipes within the entire range of diameters are available as one pressure series (Multi Universal).
System KAN-therm Press enables to use uniform PE pipes with new generation fittings type Press LBP. The KAN-therm Press system offers two kinds of PE-pipes of similar working parameters - PE-RT (type II) dia. 16x2.0 and 20x2.0 and PE-Xc dia. 16x2.0 20x2.0 and 25x2.3.
Uniform System KAN-therm Press PE pipes may be used only for systems, where the working pressure does nor exceed 6 ba

System KAN-therm Press pipe design:

Dimensions, specific weights, water volume of KAN-therm Press tubes:


Pressed KAN-therm connectors, depending on the diameter, are available in two versions – KAN-therm Press and new generation KAN-therm Press LBP connectors, differing in their look and in some functions:

  • KAN-therm Press LBP connectors (with a colour distance ring) – diameters: 16, 20, 25, 26, 32 and 40 mm,
  • KAN-therm Press connectors (without a colour distance ring) – diameters: 50 and 63 mm.

The KAN-therm Press system offers a full range of pressed connectors:

tees and knees/bends, connectors,

knees, tees and other fittings with nickel-plated copper pipes 15 mm to connect radiators and armature,

connectors with male and fimale threads and threaded joints,

tap connectrors

transition connections between systems. ( f.ex. for connecting KAN-therm Press System with KAN-therm Push, Steel or Inox Systems).

Connectors are made of a modern PPSU plastic (phenyl polysulphones) or of a high quality brass. To connect pipes to devices and armature you can also use clamped and screwed KAN-therm connectors.

Download the catalogue of the full range of KAN-therm Press connectors.

Connecting technology

The method of connecting pipes in System KAN-therm Press LBP is “press” technique based on crimping steel sleeve. For connecting pipes to appliances there may also be used screw connection fittings present in System KAN-therm Press.

The stub pipe is provided with an O-ring of synthetic EPDM rubber, resistant to high temperatures and pressures. The ring is clamped with a hand or electric clamping tool provided depending on the pipe diameter with “U”-profile jaws, or „C” or „TH-profile jaws (standard clamping tool). With this method of joining you can pass a system thru construction partitions (in a floor skim coat or embedded).

1. Cut a pipe at a straight angle to the axis to a required length with a scissors for plastic pipes.
2. Bend the pipe to a required shape. Bend with the help of an external or internal spring. Observe the minimum bending radius R > 5 OD. When you use a mechanical bender, for 14 – 20 mm diameters, the bending radius shall be R >3,5 OD.

3. Calibrate the pipe and chamfer its internal edge with a calibrating tool. The aluminium layer must be intact, without any unevenness or burrs. The pipe edge must be free any unevenness or burrs. In case of a connection with Press LBP fittings this step may be omitted.
4. Push the pipe into a fitting till it stops. Check the depth a pipe is pushed into a fitting – the check hole must be fully filled by the pipe.

5. Place the clamping tool jaws at the right angle on the steel ring but so it contacts the connector flange. The „U” -profile jaws shall not embrace the flange. In case of using the „TH“ clamping jaws the natural reference point for the tool is the fitting flange.
6. Start the press drive and make the connection. The process of clamping lasts until the tool jaws close fully. The ring may be clamped on a pipe only once.

7. Unlock the jaws and take the tool off the clamped ring. The connection is now ready for the pressure test.

Scope of application

The System is designed for internal water supply system (hot and cold tap water) and heating (cooling) installations, process heat systems and industrial systems (e.g. compressed air).

Typical working parameters of System KAN-therm Press:

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