LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

Gas Springs for Lifting, Lowering, Moving, and Adjusting

Stabilus gas pressure springs in the LIFT-O-MAT line are used whenever loads need to be lifted or lowered in a controlled manner. They provide force assist and thus ensure optimum weight equalization. With LIFT-O-MAT gas springs, opening and closing doors and lids becomes child’s play. Its damping properties ensure safe and user-friendly motion sequences.

Properties and Function of STABILUS Gas Springs

The LIFT-O-MAT gas spring is a hydropneumatic adjustment element consisting of a pressure tube, piston rod with piston, as well as a suitable end fitting. It is filled with nitrogen, which, under constant pressure, acts on piston cross sections of different sizes, creating a force in the extension direction. This force can be accurately specified through the individual fill pressure.

Among the advantages of these gas springs – compared with mechanical springs – are their defined speed curve and excellent damping properties, which make handling even heavy lids and doors comfortable. Ease of mounting, compact dimensions, a flat spring characteristic curve and a very broad selection of available strengths and end fittings round out the positive overall picture of LIFT-O-MAT gas springs.

Advantages of LIFT-O-MAT Gas Springs
  • Broad selection of sizes, force variants, and end fittings
  • Compact design, small space requirement
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Flat spring characteristic curve; i.e., low force increase, even for high forces or large strokes
  • Linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve
  • Variable locking mechanism (product-specific)
  • End position lock (extended and compressed)
  • Additional functions, such as electric switches, stop function, etc. can be integrated
LIFT-O-MAT Gas Springs offer Solutions for any Requirements

Are you also looking for a convenient solution with gas springs for your application? We can provide you with the right product. You can select one from our broad product lines, or let us develop a suitable solution for your individual application. We will gladly support you as a competent, experienced partner.

FFor decades, Stabilus has been supplying the global automotive industry with gas springs and is a recognized development supplier. We offer a large selection of gas springs that meet the most exacting requirements and, consequently, have a proven track record in many other industrial applications.

Be it in the furniture industry, in machinery or vehicle manufacturing, or in many leisure time applications – Stabilus gas springs make everyday life easier and more comfortable everywhere.

  • LIFT-O-MAT – Gas Spring with Hydraulic Compression and Extension Damping
  • LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring with End Position Lock
  • LIFT-O-MAT – Gas Spring with Dynamic Compression/Extension Damping
  • LIFT-O-MAT – Furniture Gas Spring
  • End Fittings

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